About Us

Pediatric Emergency Medicine North American Chiefs

PEMNAC is a diverse group of pediatric emergency medicine (PEM) Chiefs representing over 150 medical institutions in North America. In the United States, PEMNAC members represent institutions in 37 out of 50 US States. Nearly half (42%) of members are women.

Our Vision

To be the forum in which PEM Division Chiefs and/or Section Heads actively and openly communicate with one another.

Our Mission

To create and foster a long-standing forum within the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on Emergency Medicine (SOEM) in which PEM Chiefs and Medical Directors from the U.S. and Canada can collaborate, share and communicate clinical, administrative, and academic best practices, data, innovations, and lessons learned to empower members to leverage the collective knowledge and elevate the standard of care and patient experience provided by member organizations.


Over 150 active members

Semi-annual members meeting


Archived Listserv discussions

Quantitative & qualitative surveys