PEMNAC provides its members valuable resources.

Data Center

The PEM CRC has developed a centralized data center based at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, which provides data collection support services such as front-end logic checks for electronic data sheets, high speed automated data sheet scanning services, and database creation, encryption, and processing.


The 6 members of the PEM CRC scientific advisory committee are available to critique and review proposals. Young investigators with an active research project being implemented through the PEM CRC are eligible for a scholarship to attend a national grant-writing conference. In addition, a grant mentorship group is available to PIs of endorsed projects.

Other Activities

The PEM CRC actively seeks partnerships with other organizations, such as ACEP, SAEM, as well as other AAP sections. Special interest groups are being formed, including an ultrasound SIG and simulation SIG. Similarly, Rakesh Mistry is leading processes to administer surveys within the Section on Emergency Medicine.